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Privacy Policy

  • ・KOKUBUN LTD. the personal information of the visitor is important to a visitor; should protect it, and recognize that is the management information that is important to us.
  • ・KOKUBUN LTD. determines the following privacy policy and declares that all the employees observe this.
  • ・I keep the personal information of the visitor appropriately and I want to raise the trust for us of all of you and expectation more and more and think.
(1) The acquisition of the personal information
About the necessary personal information, I acquire it by a method appropriate directly from book other people on offering the service, and there cannot be the thing that I feign it and acquire it by other unjust means.
(2) How your personal information is used
For the offer of the service and the guidance about them, I use visitor information for an offer of the information about the associated after-sale service again.
(3) Safety management measures
I make an effort zealously, and we have unjust access from the outside to personal information to security, improvement of the security to manage the personal information, and rational and appropriate safety management for the prevention of danger to loss, damage, destruction, manipulation, a leak of the personal information, an unjust outflow to the outside takes measures.
(4) Offer to a third party of the personal information
I cannot offer the personal information of the visitor to the third party except the following cases.
  • When there is the agreement of the visitor.
  • When a third party offer is accepted by laws and ordinances including the inquiry based on the laws and ordinances from the public institution.
  • For the subcontractor which concludes a non-disclosure contract with us, a partner company and duties trust point,When I consign the handling of the personal information to the achievement of the use purpose that I stated clearly to a visitor as far as it is necessary.
(5) Inquiry about the personal information
About the inquiry about the personal information from a visitor, I cope based on a predetermined procedure faithfully.

Please refer for inquiry about the information of demand about a change, a stop, the deletion of the personal information that a visitor was donated to and you, an inquiry about the handling of the personal information, the opinion until we charge.